Chess notation is something that every advanced chess player should know. Since we live in a digital age, using a software for this is a reasonable idea. Me, being a passionate programmer and also intermediate type of chess player, has developed a Chess Coordinate Trainer. Its currently available for web and the android version will be published very soon. You can find the web version under


There are 2 modes:

If you wanna learn the notations of the chessboard this is the right place to start. You can choose if you want to learn square notation and/or ranks and/or files. Of course you can flip the board to learn the coordinates from every perspective.

If you feel comfortable already, you can start the timed mode. Try to hit as many correct notations as possible in a certain amount of time.

Black or White Training This mode is about knowing what square notation has which color on the chess board.

Other Ideas? You got more ideas on how to improve the Chess Coordinate Trainer? Let me know by hitting the feedback button in the app!, Cheers!